Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unconventional Baking - Guest "baker" Tim Dunn

 "Blame my mother.  She was a great cook, a fabulous baker
and years before her time. 
There was no gender bias in our home; anyone could do anything, from baking to mowing the lawn.
Thankfully she taught me my way around a kitchen.
Mom showed me everything you do is better if you put your heart into it.
I bake it. I paint it. I eat it.
Trust me when I say my heart is in EVERY step of the process"
**Tim Dunn
I am a baker.  I can sculpt with sugar and chocolate. I can decorate cakes and cookies. I pipe fair-( need way more practice! and I hate fondant) .
I am a fan and have huge respect for "Ace of Cakes'. However, building a massive cake is not my style. 

I am a part -time photographer. I actually really love it. I think I would be a very good one, if i had some training.
My blog gives my inexperience away ..and my laziness.How some photographers take the time to bake and style thier blogg They have the patience of SAINTS! Once I am done baking and doing dishes..I'm spent.

I AM an artist...with food.

I AM NOT an artist with pens, paper, paints, etc...I wish I had this talent.

I decided to share with you some fantastic "baking' "from  my long lost but dear friend from high school.

lemon pie



Pie al la mode

Sunshine cupcake

St Joseph's Cake



He is the artist I am not! 


(whip it returns 2 day late) as always..LOL


  1. Beautiful! These would be perfect to decorate a kitchen.

  2. Thanks everyone..if i had a bakery i would hang these for purchase!

  3. I agree. These would look really cool hanging in a bakery.

  4. I've always loved still life food paintings. These are wonderful!