Thursday, July 15, 2010

Benne Wafer Surprise

I was lucky enough to finally receive my Benne Wafers as promised from my friend , Brian --as  I mentioned here :)

I was completely surprised by the taste and texture. They were nothing like I had baked. My were too big, and too soft in the middle, with 2 crispy edges, and 2 thin. 

They should be thin, but a UNIFORM thickness . I had difficulty with the spread when I first baked  them.
The texture is a whole different story-- They are crisp. They shatter when you bite them--much like a Chinese rice cracker is how I can describe them . However, no rice flour is in the recipe..but some added may help? hmmmm

I promised Brian I would master these, and have them in my dream bakery, ( one day) . He was very supportive. I think so he did not have to drive home to Charleston to get them! :) ..and he is the perfect "Guinea pig"
Brian, i hope to have them for you soon ...

PS..Southern Gentleman are the greatest..thanks Rhett<3

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