Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whip it Wednesday

Today was a long fun day at the Zoo with my children. I recently bought a new car ( happily driving to the zoo)  and with it XM radio. I love XM radio. I always hear some long forgotten song, that brings me back to some memory. ( BLEH :))  Today it was a song by John Denver. ( YIKES)

Soo that got me thinking about my blog, and  how I could incorporate music in to it. I decided every Wednesday I would YOUTUBE/post  a song referencing  sweets, baking, desserts. Or artists/musicians referencing  some sort of baking ingredient in their name.

To start my first official Wednesday ..the song that inspired my title...



  1. The music is a great idea. I need to add more media variety to my blog.

  2. That is such a cool idea. I always loved that song.

  3. Thanks Apple!..trying to be a little creative..

    @Keith..Thanks!.. You actually helped me with the inspiration..All that talk about David Bowie! ..starting me thinking for the day ..and then on the way to the Zoo it all came together :0 ""I love when a plan comes together" A-TEAM LOL